Thursday, October 1, 2009

Electric Guitar at an Acoustic House Show

Electric Guitar at an Acoustic House Show
whatever you say you gotta say it sorta slow
I won't play long and it won't be tight
this song's about a headache I've had for nineteen years of my life.

Electric Guitar at an Acoustic House Show
Sometimes before, I get so nervous I choke
on vomit 
in the bathroom
You want to hear that shit? 
I didn't think so.
Here's a line about my bike:
I don't ride it. 

Electric Guitar at an Acoustic House Show
This is why I started to smoke:
I saw a picture of Bob Dylan doing it once
so I bought a pack of Pall Mall's
and now I'm in the process of dying
slower than slowly 

Something you've found if you fuck around with Stupid English Majors like Me:
We feel like our feelings are something someone should feel something about:
I wrote a poem about my haircut this morning in the shower
but I still haven't texted sister back...Am I bastard?

Well to some degree I think all of us are bastards
I'll write a paper...about the bastards
send it to all the bastards
it'll get published in a journal and be read
by all the readers

And I can't sing in front of people
the way I sing in front of myself
It's a theory
I played at the CCC
and only 8 came to hear me
that's a fact
Here's another:
everybody else was throwing water balloons at each other
and the girl got her hand slammed in the doorframe
in came her father 
he was dressed up
like the devil
for some reason
I stopped playing
no one said nothing
they were watching 
for what would happen. 

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