Wednesday, July 29, 2009

North Ave

Lights rise and swim through the open air under a bridge
Light from sunrise, Light from sunset, Light from McDonalds

Quick picking songs and songs and songs
Hearing songs and songs

Bus stops contemplating life
Watching SUVS turn their heads

Always fitter, Always happier

A castle, A cross

A cross in the empty field

Collecting ashes from addicted buildings

Struggling to breathe the refugee trees run west
Crushing the old old houses

Stacks of bricks holding liquor and new movies

Streets turned to ice from one hundred million credit cards

Stacks of bricks holding crosses and children

Gravestones and trees

Fresh paint and pointy hedges

Families inside of ancient vines
Grown from the local botanist

Parking lot too bright to look at

Waving flags of the country
Waving flags of the Brewers

Passing $100 bills with smiles and pressed collars

Kicking pianos
Disposing of them with axes and chainsaws
Organized by stacks of bricks holding crosses

With face clocks everywhere
Everyone is late
Everyone is late
Everyone forgot

Refugee trees take rest
Listening to passing trains like concerts

Found a home
Not for long


  1. ohhhhh i knew the words on that piece didn't sound like james.
    the radiohead reference especially seemed off-base.
    not that i'm saying james doesn't enjoy radiohead.