Sunday, July 26, 2009

Flashing Stop Signs

Flashing stop signs
On an uneven sidewalk
Going through tunnels
Carrying weight of the earth

Living breathing trees
Watch red and blue lights
Circle and circle
Your chest runs for it
And you are left with no lungs
And numb thighs

Open pupils to see
The thoughts of a mind relaxed
Not paying attention

An arm like a cat's tail
Going wherever
Resting on your pillow
Thoughts taking up space
While the red glowing sky
Hides your face
Familiar and almost forgotten
We go side to side
Facing incomplete lumps of time

I always have tomorrow to figure my life out

With our eyes closed

Records skip
Repeating life
This is some kind of hiding
And laughing

The yellow has taken over my thoughts
While they lay in the grass
Nibbled by bunnies

The clouds have gone
With our eyes closed

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