Monday, April 20, 2009

To Be Abraham Lincoln...

I am currently doing a project on modern mythology at how we as society view historical figures, specifically Abraham Lincoln, being quite a poignant sociopolitical figure. Here is a favor I need of you, and whoever you know who would be interested. I am creating a compilation of hand drawn images of Abraham Lincoln by a wide range of people, different age groups specifically. 

Here is what I request:

A drawing of Abraham Lincoln in Black Permanent Marker on a piece of white 8.5" x 11" paper. The drawing should be a representation of who Abraham Lincoln may or may not be. It should also include a small sentence of information or a quote you know about Abraham. Please have it scanned as a jpeg and email to

It would be incredibly helpful if I could get your responses this week and I will be sure to mail or give you a copy of the finished zine. I hope you can take this opportunity to collaborate on a manifestation of modern myth and legend. 


Thank you and I look forward to your responses.

I also started a blog about the project to keep track of my progress with my class. 
Check it out at:

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