Monday, April 20, 2009

Frustration Rhymes

Molly smoked a cigarette 
for every plane she ever saw
Molly lived near a big airport
Now she doesn't live at all.

The night came and morning went.
Humanity still ferments.

I had weird dreams about people eating people
who made their homes in Cathedral steeples 
and with grace would happily devour
Bishops and Deacons,
Hour by Hour.

Michael asked for a chin-up bar
to give him strong arm muscles
but instead he got a brand new car
which gave him amputations.

God once choked on a plate of Wasabi
He coughed it up and named it Milwaukee.

Gary cannot ride a horse
but he has a big lawnmower
He rode it into a Great River
and now he does things slower. 

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