Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bork Bork

Yo Dudes,
      I'm going to make this quick. I know this isn't the proper place for this, but it's been dancing in front of me for awhile and I just want to get it off the stage.

Another MKE kid  just drank himself to death a couple days ago. That makes four MKE kids this semester. I didn't know any of them at all. But it all seems so ridiculous and needless and just plain awful. These kids weren't junkies. They weren't idiots. All they're guilty of is possessing the necessary ignorance that accompanies our age and for whatever reason, death chose them. I find myself looking at their facebooks and seeing all the RIP posts and online memorials and just wanting to throw up. Where were all these people when the kids actually could've used them?  

These kids were 19 years old and that's all they're going to see. 

I can't stand that. 

These things get me, for whatever reason. They trigger a dark part of my imagination and I find myself not being able to think about anything else. And I'm not preaching, or at least not trying to. I need you to understand that this post is mostly for me. 

You all know it's not a good idea to mix prescription drugs with alcohol and you all do a really good job of taking care of each other. Just keep up the good work. 


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