Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sprinter's Stretch

I noticed 
that your eyebrows remained parallel
when I told you in splinters 
my incomplete left foot
my habit
and my sad father 

It's a sprinter's stretch
But maybe that's why I go places
and hope you're there too.

I'm checking myself
in honesty
I've written so many poems
for cruise ship captains grey-necks and ACT proctors

And we met in line at an airport 

and I had suitcases strapped to my back
and You were late for a wedding
I apologized for stepping on your foot
You had no idea what I was talking about



  1. Ben, I can feel this happening. Everything, every motion becomes so considered in an airport.

  2. I enjoy your word play between splinters, feet, stretch, sprinter, late

    I really feel the verse about checking yourself because of how many times you've written for cruise ship captains and ACT proctors too. I'm kind of curious about the story behind writing for cruise ship captains.

  3. this is one of those poems that is simple and brilliant and stays with me all week.

  4. Cruise Ship Captains+Grey-Necks+Act Proctors are all things that leave before you get to know them.