Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pretty Boy

It was a brisk day but we went swimming anyway
While a couple, mid to late sixties rode by two
Seater, hip hugger, boxed heads and ears
Eight kids one red sedan someone's dad's car
I didn't go in but I watched, and though a voyeur
I knew those cold, crescent waves, and it sounds
Weird but it was the best day of my life
With your 25th Anniversary Trans Am, license
Plate reads SUPRBWL still had that black
Paint round eyes from last night, must
Have been one hell of a scene us on the
Rocks, one afloat as he taught us how to
Act in the water our legs learned rigid
Repetition stroke, float, kick, float, lying
Back neck stretched out craning, breath rising
Grit and shale between my toes I'm sure
It's cold and true.

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