Monday, March 9, 2009

No Prospects = No Problem


When speaking of practical “majors”

Some elders they think me in danger

What they don’t respect

Is what I don’t expect

“College” just makes you stranger


For Kilgore Trout (a personal hero)

Authored two thousand short stories

With aluminum storm window glories

You’re gross, some say mean

Wrote for porn magazines 

You could care less no one’s read your stories


Freak Flag Reality


Silly is the pony-tailed boy

His luck with the ladies destroyed

Small children amused

His gender confused

Those long locks of hair are his joy


Half-true pastime


While naked I practice karate

Conceding my moves are shoddy

Like “Apocalypse Now”

I’m Martin Sheen somehow

On Fridays I practice karate 


  1. Long-haired boy is my favorite.
    Reminds me of Rimbaud's verses.