Wednesday, January 14, 2009

For Tomorrow

Eastbound trains of fleeting Friends
some sentences I swallow
the conductor's call interrogates:
What about Tomorrow?

who's got hands for loneliness
and a fire-hose to cool
the flames of stale atonement?
my belly full of school.

summer's song though resilient
skipped the final coda
New York State hind' enemy lines
I tried to be a soldier

panic's hum electrified
I shivered in my chair
as morning broke, no death defied
her Ghost hung in the air

now sleep is seldom a fast-find
my dreams too often sober
and even if I kiss the night
I fail to disown her

memory walks all by itself
without a cane or crutch
repeat your vows of silence dear,
I'll say them just as much

still, all the angels look alike
when round my bed they hover
they got long hair and sun glass eyes
and crab to one another

Below I lay,
my eyelids shut,
my tendons taut as stone
counting all the pleasantries 
and perks of the alone