Thursday, February 17, 2011


We walked to the lake

To be reminded

Of what we have to rely on

If the structure of our society fails

People are so satisfied

With unnatural nature

Uniform and saturated

Shaved and malnourished

Several blocks ahead

The lake is constantly

Reflecting the sky

Purer and unclear

The rocks that have been placed

On the side of Milwaukee

Seat sculptures of finished soda cups

And the waste of a million people

You are greeted with the smell

Of the colon of Milwaukee

That is heated by the sun

So that bacteria can thrive

As well as anything

That can survive in thick poo

We must shift our waste

Or that will be me and you

Unsatisfied with open sewers

That swallow up the breathing

We head north to find beaches

But are greeted with barbed wire

Between the city bustle

There are patches of earth unpure

That remind the urban people

That their lives are strange

Being so close to one another

Walls are erected

Going against our natural instinct

To travel where we intend

We are caught in our own zoo

Unlike other animals, it is what we choose

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