Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Work



Study for Storefront


Photo for Landscape


  1. i loved the last three the most, but "landscape" stole all my admiration. It is beautiful. What did you use? What materials? What were you thinking of at the time?

  2. I wish you would have posted these all separately so I could respond to each individually. In "study for storefront" I love the background, the trees (if thats what they are meant to be) are exquisite. you're doing so well james, keep it up.

  3. That landscape piece is really sweet

  4. "Landscape" is all done in oil except for that black blob/hill at the bottom which is done in acrylic. I took a photo for this painting which I just posted above. I was interested in how everything below the horizon in this photo is just this non-descript black. Its strange how it becomes this sort of flat, black abyss which almost starts to act like a censor of whatever would lie below it in the image. So in the painting I wanted to make it a sort of intrusive thing that blocks the space. I just dumped some cheap "bob ross" black gesso over the bottom of the picture and let dry really thick. Its got this artificial, plastic sheen when you see it in person that really makes it feel foreign in relation to everything else in the painting.

  5. i really want to see it in person, all of them