Monday, May 17, 2010


I can only see you in full color
your fat assed syllables dying
in the straight faced air
with the wild aromas

gin and peppermint

chapped lips
in the rearview mirror

robbing the world
of its daydream

perverted memories
of beatified cold sores

and too soon

they yield

to my ankles

crooked and hung
meaty out the back door

Later I know

the minature borders
drawn deep into the femur

a fractured continent



  1. submit this to a publisher. really. do it.

  2. When I read it, it goes by really fast, of course because the lines are so short. But it's sort of like, once I deliberately slowed down I noticed how many questions I can ask about each line. For example, if you are saying you can only see someone in full color, does that mean that you want to see them in black and white? Or does it mean they are on TV?
    And then, "Robbing the world of its daydream", why does the daydream belong to the world and not just someone in the car?

    The way it's fractured, makes me feel almost like I'm missing some information, or that all the information is there but I'm only offered glimpses of it. And for the most part the lines come off as bits of memories, so it's kind of like I'm looking through the family photos of someone I don't know.