Sunday, April 25, 2010

Good Riddance, My Friend

It's raining like the dickens outside
It is enough to make me cry like that
time, well, I guess all the times,
you kept your boob brain
in a jar

And it was scary,
The lightening was disney and where is walt?
And it is scary, 
The lightening is realer than it ever has been
I'm worried about my windows,
Should they be crying like this?

Oh Dear Gog,
I meant you, Dear God,
my mouth is full of spit and tears dear god,
Is this what you meant dear god by suffuring dear gog?
It is okay dear god, I'm getting over the rain now dear god,
It is now background noise dear god,
How long did it take for you to get used to it
Dear God?


I've been thinking,
I have been thinking,
when I finish the book you gave me,
I know I'll throw it in the gutter, 
and you might just find it
while you smoke on my stoop

I'll be watching, 
In my midnight stupor
while you raise your right hand
taking an oath of tweedle dee 
tweedle dum,

then next weekend,
you will someday surrender your body
like you suck your thumb
like somebody's buoy bobbing gently 

So now 
I will write this God Damned paper
And God dammed it I will make this 
college experience the best gog damned time
of my life
and then tonight 
before bed 
I will lay quite still
I breath in and exhale
little thoughts about tomorrow
and the next day

(Again, I'm sorry 
I'm sorry, I'm sorry you can
have any exorbitantly priced luxury you choose
and disregard the cost
It is not my concern right now) and more rap lyrics

- not my own words

So a few days, weeks, months, years from now

Again, we drive to Wendy's 
where again you'll only get fries
and I know you like that
because when I look at you
I am your dopey door knocker
I am your bent bristle brush
I am the last thing you breath on
before you shut your eyes
and sleep

a long sleep

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