Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Un-Vacation Times

O’, the good God, he has been having those

dreams again: all Technicolor and gold.

“Her hardest hue to hold,” he did suppose,

which was true, as it turns out, and he knows

now for certain: hurting like the sick dog.

All those dreams again: gold and Technicolor.


The dreams: fraught with girl ass, which is hard like

Zeus’s one true living ass: marble rock.

It is this only, never anything else.

So you see why the dreams weigh down his cock?

O’, but someday he will make a great splash.

Someday they will make movies to explain.


Yes, we all know that piss can’t warm a bed,

but on those cold nights thoughts get to his head.


  1. yes

    also: "hurting like a sick dog" (licking his wounds in the shade?)

  2. Ah, a reference to a great song
    James you sly bastard

    i like "fraught with girl ass"