Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some More Joey Boi

Oh Radiant Owie!
Broiling owtward w/
Molten ow vestments and
Halo ow burns Joey-shaped
Hole in futon ow ow “Poor
Joey!” Mourns the dove he says
“Ahhhhh SHOO if you can’t
Love me”

Da Joey Boi dreams clouds
Like creamy midriffs and
Lets loose his pearls sigh
Into again blink-blink 3 AM
Perverted Wilderness.
“Nodda pup nodda hound just
A God-damned dawg.”
Good night, Joey Boi.

Joey Boi kissed a hundred
Clammed-up Katies
Who claim
To not remember.
A few go blush-blush,
We do recall
But we regret
Joey does some
Quick math:
His lips were chapped
About half
The times

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