Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I draw a blank now

with nothing to say

most often.

I told you I wonder.

We said a lot of

with charm

and coincidences.

None of that.

I might

not recall

the way I recall you

but in order

I remind myself

you were


And I will know

that I barely knew how young I was, now.

Is everything still valid,

or was it written in chalk

somewhere we did not intend rain.

A situation.

As I watched myself

sit down to you

or stand against him

or lay beside another one,

I came to a

compromise with my nature;

If you were asking me to leave

then I was going away.

If our heads collided

in a different place

it would still only be a collision.

It wasn’t too important I see;

I just saw it pass

a little later than you.

That situation.

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