Wednesday, December 30, 2009


She's the reason him and I took the long way home from school
and I wish I had some better way to show this
now that we all choke amongst scholars. 

Maybe some way to say her without using that word
which is dirtier than all words as it carries a vulgarity 
inspired by its own semantic decay:

A cup of water in July. A picture of rocks on a beach
or more recently: the last rat of summer 
flattened like bloody dough beat 
into the pavement. 

Suffice to say: I am not kidding when I speak of a time
in which I had aesthetic problems with the concept of the modern Umbrella
but because of Her and High School and Rain and...

1 comment:

  1. ben,

    you are an incredibly talented writer. the voice you bring to every poem is unique and clear. your poems are down to earth and simultaneously careful and well-balanced with wonderful imagery like the "last rat of summer" line.