Sunday, November 22, 2009

(beginning of a short story..)

At the corner

on the end of the block

there is a large white house.

We took our belongings

and placed them inside.

We put the bedroom furniture

in the living room

so none of us would ever sleep alone.

We made the kitchen into a greenhouse

and the closets into personal spaces.

We lost most of our things

in rough natural disasters

but we had windows

and extra beds

so everything was alright enough.

We moved here two years

after the really big fight.

I thought we might each find

someone else

But we ended by staying

in this big house together.

Our previous disagreements

seemed rather insignificant

in the very bad weather.

We all had to come inside and dry off.

And it was reason enough

to let the past out into an open backyard.

It took two years

but we decided it was best

to live together again.