Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the forest

She chased them into the corner,

growing wheat hid her lower legs

which were barefoot

and on tiptoe, ready to move.

Between a hard corner

of wooden fence,

she had them trapped.

The wild things were ravenous.

They growled for her,

to enable, to consent.

Glared with seductive eyes.

Behind this pasture,


the farmhouse,

lining the fences,

were woods.

Thick and unpredictable.

This was the view.

These wild things

did not come from the view.

They came from her posture

and her imagination.

They were real.

And right now

she has them tense.

Her hair is down and

messy from the recent exploration.

She had fallen into a forest that

may have been forbidden.

The little cuts, the bruised knees

and sore body

had her curious.

She had found a river. She did not swim

but she took her clothes off and

let the water rise to her shoulders.

The newly stumbled into water

had redefined longing.

She leaves the home

when she pleases now.

But the woods are vaguely familiar,

she has been sleep walking in and out of them for years.

Perhaps awake

Whenever she leaves,

she has to come back.

She has to lighten her belongings

to walk farther out.

She also has to trick, tease, scratch and burry

the wild things.

They are what kept her at a window

watching beauty

rather than struggle with it,

rather than drink it, rather than touch it

and become.

Behind glass she would watch

the creatures roam through her fenced acre.

When she was young

they would come inside

and force other things

and stretch her body

or flatten it. Control it.

But she has brought things back from the woods and

they have caused.

So now she lunges forward, laughing.

They cower against the splintery corner.

She dances forward

with her toes in the mud.

Finding light is complicated

but she has it wrapped into her body, her mouth, her hands.

She moves, smiling, taunting,

wielding it to her desire.

Her quiet side wonders, along with tangled strands of hair

and a sore inner thigh

what this could be,

what it is.

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