Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Two Days Isn't Too Far Behind

I eventually came to a reluctant conclusion-- I was two days behind. Two days behind? That means it's today! The thought was simultaneously accompanied by a fearful cringe that drip tripped down my arms and slid south like premature pudding, finding its home in the center of the ol' bread basket. Reality sandwiches me between a bed rock and a hard face so I peered at the dust encrusted clock radio. Two hours ago. Irritated, with being awake, I dropped back into fiery warmth. Even in my sleepy state, I can realize how absurd it is to place this much importance on something so insignificant. Right? The corners of the rectangle radio clock reflected brilliant intensity of mid-morning. Coursing Fall crashed into tired flood-shot retinas like Niagara and damned my soul like the devil. Hell, I thought time was circular.


  1. This is great. Its a really nice moment to have framed within a poem.

  2. you nailed that emotion, captured the instant 30 second moment really well. Time being circular was what really made it for me. strong end.

    I peered at the dust encrusted clock radio. Two hours ago.

    loved that.