Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Homonym Homily

Combing through loosely woven braids of brains,
the messy Marquette Interchange
of congested, polluted pathways
of neuronal discord we've all been weaving for close to two decades.
It takes two to tango with these tangles
so I say we take out the doubt so some substance can sprout.
Starting clean slate.
And from now on I will take nothing for granite
undoing these knots will not be for naught,and god willing relieve the tension so I can bridge the golden gated suspension
community I was brought up in).

Christ,to think of all those uptight, high-strung poor old bastards.
They've always been taught taught taught to keep themselves
taut taut taut
and what God wrought wrought wrought
will one day rot rot rot away
and SNAP
Did you bring the map,
pager? I barely know 'er. But those eyes read like Judy Bloom.
I prayed to Jesus that some day soon
my savage ears could one day prey on your infinitely wise
but otherwise inaudible infallible frequency.
I don't have eyes but I'm seeing now that you saw some potential in me. I slipnslide collide into a high sea of Blazin' Blueberry horse play word play Hi-C
Poseidon will ride in on his sea horse horsey
And I wont groan, after he has grown
20,000 leagues above sea Level
of His wrath is swelling, but outside his aquatic dwelling
He's powerless against me
Up here in the Ozone Thunderdome
(O)3 will fend off ultra-violet fighter pilots
for purple mountain majesties.
I'll be relaxed and carefree
On the day I finally see the silver lining
of my proverbial cloud nine-
teen years of age.


  1. pager? I barely know 'er. But those eyes read like Judy Bloom.

    straight up ballerrrrrr, kev. judy blume fuck yeah.

  2. complex. excellent. i like the rhythm of the first half lots and lots.

    and the last three lines :) :) :)