Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Show (ok now ya'll)

ok now ya'll

do we have a definite date now for the show?
colin, have you talked to martha about the 30th or some other day?
we should get that "set in stone" asap

also, we should finalize what's going in the zine. it seems to me that the most logical way to do this is for everyone to post the final versions of the pieces they want (of theirs) to be included in the zine. i think a maximum of 3 sounds good but what does everyone else think? perhaps they should be posted in order of your enthusiasm for them (i.e. 1 being the piece you'd like most to see in the zine) in case the zine starts getting crowded

also: ideas for names of the show?



  1. Colin told me that Martha/Sean said the 30th is a go if we want it. Does everyone feel like that's enough time for us to get it together? What about August 6th?

  2. the 30th would work, but i could also do the 14th of august or any day from the 9th to the 15th i think. I'm going to alaska from the 1st to the 9th. but if we could do it in august that would be nice because we've really been slacking in terms of work for the show. Summer has really caught up with us, it's ok, we just need to kick our own asses if we want to have a show. SO LET'S DO IT YOU GUY!