Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Based on a True Story

Based on a True Story


There is a young woman who lives in Cochrane, WI

In a little house on the Mississippi River

Me and my brother stopped in front of it last summer

We were taking a break from pedaling and she was taking a break from not smoking.


So we talked for a minute

She had long brown hair

She said she hadn’t been living there long

She invited us in.


My brother said no

I was kicking myself for not saying yes

It would have been a good place to sleep

And a good place to find some late-night lovin’.


Oh well, we stretched our legs, she stretched her lungs

Lighten up, it’s only life on earth

There will be plenty of chances for nicotine buzzes and romantic encounters

Maybe I’ll go back there someday and fall in love with her.


No, that’s not what I want

I want a simple, beautiful, erotic, heartbreaking one-night stand

And then to move on to the next town

For another one just like it.