Friday, June 12, 2009

MINITS 6/11/09

1. Next Meeting: Wednesday, 6/17 @ 2:00 pm (Mafia will be here, he'll have your dick)

2. If you have a tinkle of new writings, post them and bring them to the meeting too.

3. Post your picks of your own work and print them for Wednesday.
- We can start critiquing the nominations on the blog
- Let's just communicate a lot

4. Friday the 19th is still the 'dead line'. Except for Mary. And anyone else who has to go to Cleveland.

5. Collaborations in the works
- James and John: 3D piece (high likelihood) (respect & dignity)
- Joe and Steve: 4D (animation for Mt. Tuesday)
- Joe, Colin, and Ben: photos
- full group collaboration/assignment discussed: Milwaukee, video confessional, real confessional, Tanner's first reconciliation, matrimony, have a chat room and print it out, send someone to Milwaukie, Oregon the night of the show and Skype with them)

6. Blood Orgy

7. Moms
- Will they be invited???
- Will they write poems about each of us?
- Will they write poems about James

- discussion about preserving connections despite distance, adapting, The Internet, addressing the name "Milwaukee Travelogue"
- the blog is a shared space that we are now incarnating
- are people going to care about us that much?
* Let's just make stuff and see what happens. 
a. we will have show and tell days
b. maybe a theme will arise from that
c. if not, it's ok
d. make sure that we hang out a lot
e. let's just make sure we do some shit, you know?
f. we can work together at Kevin's/Kevin's dad's studio


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