Saturday, May 23, 2009

Travelogue Meeting Notes 5.23.09

- Show at Bucketworks: James will call about dates, mid to late July, in the range of $200

- Ads and Flyers: John and Joe have taken up this duty, anyone with suggestions can talk to them. Basic flyers and posters should be drawn up and ideas for placement, cafes/bookstores/schools/cool art place.

- Zine: Two weeks(?) from now we need material ready to print for the zine, this means collecting previous writings and deciding by artist's opinion and group critique desired pieces. Details of print including size, color/B&W, quantity, etc. to be decided.

- Collaborative Work: By next meeting, this coming weekend Friday May 29th, everyone should have 25 to 50 ideas, anything, don't be shy, we will write them all up and talk about collaborative work for the show.

- Members: We need to solidify who is going to be involved in the show and who isn't. Basically deciding who is in milwaukee travelogue, and who is not. This isn't to divide people, but only to understand who has the time, dedication, enthusiasm to work on an extended project. I don't want to shut people out I just don't want to have to rely on someone who really doesn't want to be a part of this. So as of right now, those involved most frequently in the travelogue are the people I'm counting on, those who have put in a significant amount of time communicating and growing as part of the collective. Let me know what you all think about this. I think it will help us work more efficiently if we have a definitive group. This doesn't exclude the possibility of collaboration/support from others!

- Other notes: Sorry about the interruption.

For Next Meeting (10:00p.m. 5/29/09):
1. Updates on Bucketworks show, Pick a date
2. Bring 25-50 ideas to be talked about for collaborative work
3. Begin sorting through your own material for the zine

If I missed anything or you have something we need to talk about for next meeting, post in comments.

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