Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Untitled Painting

This is for a project that me and Laura are doing,  please criticize, help is appreciated

What we were responding to in our pieces was the interaction between different forms of visual communication.  Words are filled with visual symbolism.  The individual letters inform the reader how the word should be vocalized, as well as the individual letters put together create an idea or image.  Visual art communicates in a different way.  It takes things such as forms, colors, and lines to create ideas.  Some of the questions that arose were, "Can words communicate the same idea as an image?", "Because of the different way of communication, is one form more effective or overpowering compared to the other?", "How can you use the combination of them to create emotion or meaning?".

            As writers and readers, we most commonly experience words the same way.  Black words arranged on a white page.  Though the combination of visual ideas with text is not new.  In America we are constantly exposed to flashy advertisements, for example.  They are meant to inform and influence you, and are different from a hybrid art that is not meant for commercial purposes.  Text and images can interact together in a creative way to express emotions and ideas.  


  1. I think this turned out nicely, it reminded me of how you responded to that one graphic designer's project at the Thesis show at MIAD with the Jazz musicians' posters. I like the distinction you made between how we respond to text and how we respond to image. I think you integrated them well in this painting, because I think you considered the visual qualities of the text so that it has a relationship to the expressive marks and brush strokes in the painting.

  2. Some thoughts:
    I've noticed a few ways that the text leads me in and guides me. One is size: I read the big words first. Also, the intensity and contrast of the colors - I hang around in the 5 day headache area a lot because the white-purple words and the white shape below them really burn against the black silhouette. And the opposite thing is happening with the purple words on the read behind the head, I can't even make them out. Which kind of makes me disregard them, but also curious.
    - Maybe you could push the size and color even further, like try tiny handwriting words, to guide me for even longer. Or maybe it's meant to make me feel confused and if that's the case then maybe push that forward, with more indistinguishable stuff.
    - I really dig the way those white shapes that look kind of like silhouettes repeat.
    - I feel like the space in the upper right corner is kind of empty/unfinished. THat might just be me.
    - Also, I think the limited range of colors is effective in conveying a specific 'mood'

  3. YES DUDE:

    I also think the limited pallet is working for you.

    I also think a lot of the text is really working for you. Text can be hard because it has the tendency to "sit on top of" of painting, but I think particularly in the top and middle it is working very nicely.

    Another painterly thing that you are doing very nicely and very intuitively is edging. Your edging on the silhouette on the hand and in through the color hold space very nicely as dimensional and linear. Its behaving in a similar way, and helps me get involved in your text.

    The repetition of the white silhouette is really nice like Steve said. I think that some really interesting painting could come from the exploration of the text, the edging of form that your doing and the silhouettes.

    Often painting is more powerful when it is most selective.
    this is something I typically struggle to keep in mind.