Wednesday, April 29, 2009



  1. i like the symmetry
    what's in the book?

  2. also that one frame is a bit different than the others... i don't know if that's on purpose. i am trying to imagine it with all the frames being the same... and i think i like this better, even though it's not uniform

  3. I like your decision to arrange the piece to read as sort of an exhibit or commemorative display; it seems like a logical choice considering your intention was to survey all the various perceptions of who Abraham Lincoln was. The only thing I might take issue with is that it's not quite symmetrical, which is obviously hard to do because you have picture frames of different shapes and sizes. I noticed you lined up the centerpiece book with the space in between those two pictures in the middle, but I'm a little distracted by how the book isn't centered in relation to the things on the shelf.
    But all in all, I am really interested in this concept and from what saw in your blog it looks like it was well-researched. This is definitely one of my favorite pieces of the work I've seen you do this year. I hope you can bring back a copy of the zine you made when you come home!