Monday, April 13, 2009

Places You Read About in Books

While taking a walk with Karl, 

I stopped dead

in my tracks.

There was a strange sound developing.

And also, in time


But I’ll get back to that.

I said:

“Do you ever think about the new ghosts?”

“I mean the ones that have just died.”

“Don’t you suppose they’ve learned to be intimidating from movies we’ve seen?”

And it’s true.

How could a ghost ever be taken seriously if you’ve seen the movie?

Let’s digress:

Often times I will smile in dark rooms so as to throw off any lurking evil.

This is the same logic I use to justify winking knowingly at dogs as I pass them.

Is this rational? (note: I’m talking to myself here)

“I don’t care if is or not,” I say.

(note: I have said this aloud and thus lose the luxury of being considered rational)

Taking a walk:

It was a pleasant night as far as the weather was concerned and I’ll be damned if those dead leaves rustling in the wind didn’t remind me precisely of a warm summer night in Maycomb, Alabama. 

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