Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hello everyone,
I have heard from several people about critiquing.  I had an idea.  We could individually label the pieces we want to be critiqued at "critique".  Then we would also have easy access to critique several posts instead of having to search for them randomly.  Any other ideas?


  1. that sounds really good. I think it would be helpful. I also think this summer we should have weekly or monthly or bi-monthly critique nights so we can get good ideas and also eat food and have fun.

    As far as labeling posts, I just want to remind everyone to label their posts with their name so things keep organized. For those of you who have already kept on top of this, keep up the good work!

    see everyone in three weeeeeeeeeeeks!

  2. Yeah I agree, this way it's clear in which pieces critiques are wanted.