Sunday, April 5, 2009


throwing ribbons round each other
we conversed loudly through a ballerina's mirror
my imagination coiled in my hands
when I remembered every prayer

the zoo I'd only thought of
materialized with a finger around mine
and the iridescent glow of 30,000 highways
dissolved the dream into this life

I ran for mine 
made a call to Chicago
shivered down Oakland
the act interrupted 
brought back to the senses
not sick to think
I could have an accomplice. 


  1. "dissolved the dream into this life"
    "shivered down Oakland
    the act interrupted
    brought back to the senses"

    ben i appreciate everything you write.
    you have me paying such close attention.
    i want to know more about how you work.

    anyways i really like this.

  2. ahh. i just reread the first four lines.
    and just mmmm.