Saturday, March 21, 2009

Xylem and Fungi

He woke up inside of his backyard
He saw tress, and grass, and everything else you can imagine in your backyard
It's irrelevant when a moment doesn't take place in time
A context to it would be like your heart dropping when you see a police car on the freeway
He opened his eyes
In fact spiritual is not the word, it was close to natural
But natural is insane
A mailbox can appear natural
It was no awakening either
He certainly wasn't sleeping at a time like this
-but he was practicing practicing practicing-
He felt the grass that stuck his legs through his highschool gym shorts
He felt every maggot waiting for him to stay there long enough to decompose him
And the fungi that would be produced
He felt life slip in and out of him
And he only can recall the moment he opened his eyes
He remembers that at that point, death life death life
He was fasting and fasting
And sleep deprived
A real hallucination
When the real world becomes less real
And the fake world becomes more fake
He could swear he felt the bananas in his small intestine
But his xylem and phloem
Well they were having an orgasm