Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Twelve Mile Poem

Some green saint's day
I wrapped my face in old sweaters
Pulling slowly down streets
Legs burning each stroke
Into animal territory

"Blue sunsets lie ahead"
Said the empty car lot
Once full, now void
Save metallic ribbons
Save broken glass

Oh this must be the holy ground!
Cool river stay cool for my ankles and toes
I'm fast approaching, don't change your mind!

Well, water I suppose, this brings me to the real zoo
That hysterical corner, One Hundred and Blue
I'm not sorry I yelled at those three in their car

It's some green saint's day after all

So I knot my shoes tighter
Cuff up my jeans so white flesh pokes through
Donate your jacket, the air is warmer here
Which periscope must I gaze through
To focus these follies

Your lens cap still on
As you capture glorious landscapes
Train tracks must remind you of something
I blink, one eye at a time
So I might not let go
Of certain imagery

Honestly, I'm not even sure what this map is saying
Hold on it's upside down
There, I think this direction will correct our wheels

Feline xerox lost companion here is the number to call
I'm guessing everyone's thinking
Someone else will find Smokey

Are you conscious of holidays and family gatherings?
Do you consider the merriment of others?
How about your grandmother in a retirement home
Or a child in the back seat, radio so loud

I'm unsure I'll investigate those matters today
I'm ready to head home
I just saw your reflection in a puddle
Mallards gazing back
The sun is setting and I'm out of film