Thursday, March 5, 2009

Script: February 25th, Late Afternoon

Scene 1

You strut on the sand-bar

Like a stork.

I look at you

Through a curved piece of glass.


Scene 2

There is a blue crab’s claw

How to eat crab?

I mix up Lake Michigan and

The Atlantic Ocean.


Scene 3


You toss a flimsy line into the Atlantic

Wearing a turquoise raincoat.

The waves bring it back ten yards up shore.

Turn, laugh, eyes get small.


Scene 4

I find a white dress washed up,

Dirty and damp.

You’d look good in this!



Scene 5

Dogs bark on the beach.

Your dog had its tail docked.

Your dog is getting old.

Your dog looks sort of like

That dog.

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