Sunday, March 22, 2009


Decided to take a bit of a break.
 Weird pressure to write
through strange mountains. 

Forcing out a lot of poo poo.

Realized that John Henry's mentality
probably doesn't work with typewriters. 
Don't wanna die like he did, anyhow
Even if it did, somehow. 

aren't helping either. 
That's gotta go
for the time-being
along with Palls, Green
and afternoon Facebook vacations. 

Too much apathy.
Copying Vonnegut's cynicism.
Trying to be funny like Silver Jews. 
  Too much time talking and not enough hearing.
That's it. That's it. 

Gonna utilize the one perk
not going to an art-school has to offer
for me, at least
there are no creative deadlines
I have to make those for myself
and I've made too many
A few weeks or so. We'll see.

Got some new books. 
Got my old camera out
or at least a clone of it.
Meet Papa for breakfast a few times
Wave to the sisters and mom
Get a piano here
Gotta Work Work on Travelogue
Layouts and such
Gotta return Rimbaud to his home
and pay his late fees.
and fill out applications
for better places.

In the meantime or should I say in this mean time:
Been mapping out a project
and made it public today
ere' she is:


  1. ben,i will think of a story to contribute

  2. I'm going to give you one. i got beat up.

  3. haha, i really like this poem here. the tone and energy is great.