Monday, March 30, 2009

A Frightful Heart

A frightful morning
A frightful cigarette
A coffee delight
A sun soaked headache

Half closed eyes
See less
In the eyes
Of the blue blue open ones

A ticking clock
In the chest
The alarm goes off
And every time I shuffle for the snooze
Because I don't want to take the snooze just yet

She had paint on her fingers
She had art on her hand
So I splattered paint on mine
She we could leave our marks

She kept a secret
A secret mark
She had a boyfriend for each stroke
I wasn't getting a stroke

What is there to offer?
Of her
To her

The pants I wear
The brown cords
The film class doesn't care of I'm smelly
The dorm mold showers
The dorm mold food
The dorm mold pants

Sleeping on couches
Sleeping in a chair
Ben cut my locks
And opened the door to a head full

Haircut heart attack
Smelly smoky brown lung hair
A heart that beats fast when laying down
A heart in a hurry

"I'm trying"

"You do so little for me..."

"I know, I know, I know, I know..."

"You just don't, I just feel... like you don't care about me anymore"

"No! I do... I promise yo..."

"Then DO something!"

"I told yo..."




My heart's heart beat quickened
He tends to angrier than me

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