Saturday, March 14, 2009

Every 3,000 Miles

Ten A.M. oil change at pro lube express:
Investigated Saturday morning
Clad in "Harvard" sweatshirt plus sincere smile
I said, "mornin'" and truly did mean it
Like when my dad recalls his Texas tongue
(Everyone smiles in the early spring sun)
Wasting not killing time, I took a walk
Back to see angels regarding my car

About thirty bucks for the procedure
My debit card was very slow to process
"At Penny's these things go in a second!"
Goddamn right they do. "I 'preciate it."



  1. You take an instant and extract all the color from it.
    And then, squirt it all onto the page.

    Your poetry is very scientific in that manner.
    There's not a terrible amount of surrealism.
    I appreciate that.

    You don't have to dress anything up in order to make it gigantic.
    You have a habit of choosing just the right amount of detail,
    and it makes for a very believable American Portrait.