Thursday, March 26, 2009

For real

Who is this for, 

my friends?

The answer most likely is: just myself. 
I need something . . . 

Like a metaphor.
That comes from a place I can't understand by thinking about. 

This is like finding my way home by using the wireless internet in a cathedral in a dream I'm having for the second time. 

And then videotaping myself shooting myself in the head with a fake gun on the beach just after sunrise without noticing a lady and her puppy behind me because the waves in front of me are so loud. 


  1. steve: i like this. i like the internet and cathedral / gun and puppy collisions.
    take no prisoners~~~~~!

  2. I agree joe. Steve, this is True Life.

  3. Steve, I had a brief conversation about audience with my creative writing teacher. I try to write for myself and just hope that other people can find something in it. Do you feel that something is taken out of your art when you create for a specific audience? My teacher just said I was romanticizing my work and that it's something the artist just had to deal with however he chooses to.