Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cigarettes and Ted


  1. Both of these journal entries are great John. You have great visions.

  2. Any number of present moments that have passed can be encompassed by a simple term, like "the past", or "in college". And a book, it's like the perfect example. You read every word, and once you have read every one you can say, "I read that book". Which does not even come close to communicating what you did.

    *An interesting note is, Ted always says how he feels like he finishes a book and immediately forgets what it was about. And to some extent it's true. He probably remembers it for a while, but if he read it as long ago as in college, he may really not remember anything about it.
    But you don't read a book to remember it right? Then why do you read it? Because you are trying to find the meaning of life? Because someone took the time to write it, which is much longer than it would take to read it, so it's like a condensed record of what at least one person knows. And you can't possibly know what they know by reading what they wrote..... ?@?!?!?!?!

  3. But we as artists can grab time and hold it.

    i'm really glad you just scanned this versus typing it in. hand writing and how someone structures a page with it is so important. it says so much and means so much more when you hold or see something with someone's hand writing. i could just be obsessed with hand writing, but still.