Wednesday, March 25, 2009

part of the collection alterred

vague. quick. unfortunate.

I was

going to call so many times.

I can do endless things with quiet.

finger tips dipping in and sliding over this new immunity.

you turned yourself into another grave; a patch of grass along my waist.

but spider webs hardly form


I have stopped working in coloring books.

They were misguided comfort.

I would scream but you don’t like the yelling.

You would talk but I don’t like noise.

Blunt Honesty:

Why were you stealing books from the library

Safe: Unsafe:

Tell her I’m a Baller.

I am halucinating.

Not everyone thinks the way you do and to expect them to is ridiculous.

To have something to do. Rather than

Completely, honestly, alone.

I really and truly believed he wouldn’t call and

I know I knew I wouldn’t dare try to talk with a hello.

quietly worrying that my love is obsolete when up against those ‘real’ things.

What if I end up living passively?

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