Monday, February 9, 2009

Untitled (Any Suggestions on a Title Would Be Greatly Appreciated)

Oh! devil
You grind it in your teeth
You let it possess you
You stay up late thinking about it
You push it on your daughter, mother, father, brother
You choke your child with it
You stoke your fires with it

Oh! devil you are nothing
Full of filth and dead history
I see no need for thee!
Oh devil I don't see your worth
I know not of value
It is beyond me
I am beyond you
You are behind me

Oh! devil I'd punch you straight in the teeth
If I saw you traveling the street at night
Oh! devil I'd ignore you and clamp my jaw
If I saw you at the beach one fine day
Oh! devil i'd turn the other way
If I saw your rotten snarling apple core face
Oh! host of death and hate and madness

I rebuke you Oh! devil
I defy you Oh! devil
You devil Oh! devil
You are fiction Oh! devil

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