Sunday, February 15, 2009

February 14th, 3AM?

he folded his fingers into mine, wrapping his thumb around my palm.
there was nothing electric about it, entirely void of time and thought.
All I wanted to ask was who his first love was
but i felt too safe and soft when he tucked our hands into his warm coat pocket.
It was snowy and dark. The lake was feet away and our shadows could have been cut from one of my obsesive day dreams.
his softer eyes and lighter hair kept me away from you.
his lips tasted like the insides of your arms.
i looked down and gathered the clear information;
he played the saxophone and was studying math and science.
he was the oldest in his family and took care of his borther and sister.
I didn't feel needed, I felt wanted.
And I am wondering which I prefer. And I know the anwser.

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