Saturday, February 14, 2009

EPOCH (February 13, 3 AM)

Bad gas in upper bunk roost
Keeps me up, scratching by cell phone light
Little words for J. Wilson and the internet.
A while ago, I was drunk on beer,
Surfing a beer wave to help me write good poetry.
My roommate rolls among many pillows
He's growing bald, he's out of pants
Our conversations are enthusiastic
"Someday," I told him, "We should play chess."
Does he know I jerk off?
Bad luck on Friday the 13th, stay away from airplanes
and busy streets. Eat mainly liquids
You'll be fine
Gold dawn was in my room this morning (The only woman in my life for me!)
She was naked perfect and
I gasped
I wonder, in the neutral dark
Will she come again and fill my corners
With bronze and dew?
Dark, born when light was sucked
Through the peephole in God's door
Or anything really that sounds good to you
3:04 microwave clock, that menace
The dry arrowhead in my throat calls for
Another cup of water.
3:08 stubborn time
2 girls passed by me in the hall
Heavily makeup'd, I underpants
One asked me where my pants were
I felt that it was a silly question
I think my chicken legs are my most becoming feature.