Saturday, February 7, 2009

2/7/09: Theme and Variations

Hearing things in my head

I'd like to think that I am insane or brilliant

(What difference could it make?)

I conclude: “any other reality would be devastating”




Today the air was sweet enough to smell

With my nose and lungs

I only mention this because until last

Week, the air had been too cold to smell

“Not since November” I thought…

I’ve often seen the TV news show how elderly people

Have a tough time shoveling in cold weather

Due to the frigid air’s effect on breathing

I get that


For a list of things I don’t get, please

Refer to poems XXII-XXXIV

Which can be reviewed at City Hall

Monday thru Friday (business hours only of course)


All nonsense aside

Nice breezes and a coke are good enough for now

Yes sir,

Looking out my window, I don’t sense any part of my body


It all runs together and I feel alright

And even when things start to shift again, I just listen to

That music in my head

Sometimes it’s this one song, the rest of the time

It’s very quite

I can always be still when I want to:

4/4 is 4/4 is 4/4




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  2. andrew i sobbed after reading it twice and my room mate caught me but i said i had a cold. I'm sorry I didn't admit to my tears.

  3. andrew, i wish i were insane and brilliant as well. I have had the feeling where i don't sense any part of my body before. i can really relate to that. It's like scary meditation.