Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hello Obama

Today, 826 Valencia published a book called "Thanks and Have Fun Running the Country: Kids' Letters to President Obama." The book is, just as it sounds, full of kid's letters to Obama. I think they are great, few people are as great writers as little kids. You can see some samples here, but here's a few of my favorites:

Dear President Obama,
Could you help my family to get housecleaning jobs? I hope you will be a great president. If I were president, I would help all nations, even Hawaii. President Obama, I think you could help the world.
— Chad Timsing, age 9

Dear President Obama,
I know you want to save the earth, but people don't want to clean. My life is to clean up all the world and help you to clean. I always dream of cleaning the world with you. I'll do anything for you because you are the president in this world.
Stephanie Gonzalez, age 7

Dear President Obama,
Are you going to be pictured on our money? How do you get in the White House? Do you like Abraham Lincoln? Do you have a big backyard? Martin Luther King Jr. had big fans. How many fans do you have? You could help us by giving us food. I am Luis Ramirez. I go to school at Mayberry. I like to play video games.
Luis Ramirez, age 8

To President Obama,
If I were president, I would help the people. If we don't throw the trash away, we are going to get sick. I could walk around to check where there is trash.
Kenia Zelaya, age 6

Dear Obama,
I like you because you won. We saw you on TV. I hope I am your friend.
Edwin Martinez, age 6

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