Friday, January 16, 2009

The Discussion of the ZINE

What is going on with the journal?

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  1. Alright.

    We need everyone to start selecting one piece they've been working on or a couple of pieces, and submit them to ben. I will be printing some or most of them here (Free paper at MICA print labs), and then they can be bound with thread, (stitching) or we can simply pool our resources to get a long arm stapler, $20 or so. Discussion of the cover needs to take place here.
    Block Printed?
    Laser Jet?
    Color Laser Jet?
    Card Stock?

    We have some questions that need to be answered but pretty much submitting to ben our individual pieces should be our first priority.

    Let me or Ben or whoever know if you are having trouble deciding what to select. Better directions exist as the first post on this blog. Check it out...