Saturday, December 27, 2008

Reiteration of Ben's Zine Request

I'm writing all of you because I know you spend a significant amount of time writing, drawing, or just creating in general.

I admire your work and I admire you in general.

What I need: Poems, Short-Stories (5 pages tops), Blurbs, Black and White Drawings, Help with editing, Printers, and Encouragement.

Why: I'm going to attempt to make a literary journal and see what happens.

You can e-mail with attachments at

I want to have the first edition printed by January 1st 2008.

It's going to be ruggedly constructed.
With staples and computer paper.
I'm shooting for twenty pages or so.
Each page being half a hamburger-folded 8 by 10 sheet.

If it goes through:
It's going to be free but with an option of donation.
It's going be distributed in milk crates wherever I'm allowed to distribute.
(And wherever you want to distribute it)

Let me know, let me know.


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